Reader's Review: "Had me turning pages all night long"

5.0 out of 5 stars had me turning pages all night long, May 9, 2014

Jonathan Wolstenholme
The world’s most prized violin becomes the centerpiece of intrigue as FBI Special Investigator Chris Clarke and his partner Carlos “Chubbs” Gonzales weave their way through a maze containing a notorious assassin, Illuminati, secret documents, a master violin forger and his deceptive and charismatic daughter, a Hollywood film producer and one of L.A.’s finest and most neurotic sneak-thieves. As the story progresses we follow Chris and Carlos through the streets in Europe to Southern California to find the Man in Black and track down the Devil's violin.

This book had me hooked by page three. I admit it I was reading far into the night. Mr. Johnson had me guessing and second guessing my way through this book . Between the history of the violin and the intrigue. The mixture of the sacred documents that come up and then throw in the Illuminate and you are going to go on the ride of your life. Which is exactly what happened when I was reading it. The book moves so fast and the characters are so well written, You can't help but cheer for the main characters.

The characters are all bound one way or another to each other , as they cross paths with the ill fated violin. You can feel their desperation and what they need to get done to survive . The man in black is just evil , you cheer for Chris and Carlos as they unravel the mystery. You want to figure it out as badly as Chris does.

So if you love tightly written novels full of intrigue and mystery this is the book is for you . I am so happy that I took the chance on this book. I want to read more from this author. If the first book is any indication , we are going to be reading great things from this author . I hope that you all take a chance on this book . You will not be disappointed and you will have fun trying to find out who , what and where.

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